A Year at Reality

A year has passed…
I can hardly believe it.
An opportunity so vast,
I can barely conceive it.

We keep on growing
through this digital endeavor
with our progress showing
as we work together.

Touch devices, networks, tablets and screens —
with elves, makeup, toys and cars.
Content deployed through well-piped streams.
Data collected from near and afar.

We are legends in the making,
caring for our customers’ every needs.
With the design awards we keep taking,
we capture visions imagined from dreams.

Our documentation is our history.
And within a confluence of bright minds
we continue investigating the mysteries
of problems associated with digital signs.

We may Slack, but that doesn’t mean we’re lazy.
we’re just interacting virtually in Reality.
We work behind and make the scenes
Retail Rugged and reliably.

We’re not a machine of cogs and gears
as each one of us is essential.
And when getting help from my willing peers…
I’m reminded — this place — is special.



MrsCyberPunk is a hell of a lady and more than anything else she just wants a baby. But her husband is always debating with her, MrCyberPunk just refuses to impregnate her. But in the mean time, now, she’s finishing school, doing the things: intelligent and cool. And although I might be a “huge fucking nerd”, this is the best thing spoken that you’ve ever heard.

And yes, Alex, you’re a huge nerd too, playing just as much Overwatch as I do. Where my effectiveness varies, you’re calm and consistent. Where I might get tilted – you’re wholly resistant. My calls can win games or infuriate our team, so it’s a bit of a gamble… or so it may seem. We’ve climbed together and improved our skills. In the back of my head, your eyes focus our kills. You’re actively following a Zen-like philosophy, not showing Mercy with resurrection in prophecy. You bring us back to life as we transcend through the iris, you neither settle for less nor compromise us. Your timing is altogether tactical, your speed boosts are deadly and grenades are practical. Your tanking is sharper now than ever before, with bubbles to save me everlasting galore. Graviton surges: combos and stalling, you plan them precisely with selective shot-calling. And when you play Mei, you’re the cloud on their day: See, with Mercy you’re this warm-hearted witch, but in chaotic blizzards you’re a cold-hearted bitch – shoving icicles into their heads with ease, no one knows what hits them on their last brain freeze.

Your skill set continues to vary and grow, with Winstonian science and the more you know! We have spent some quality time together, let’s keep on playing and keep getting better.

Co-worker Walking

You’ve done it now, Rion;

You over-achiever.

I’ll exhale a sigh, and…

now I’m a believer.

I often seek your advice

because you know how to talk the talk.

Finally it will be quite nice

to see you know how to walk the walk.

You’ve always been sly like the fox,

so I always listen to what you say.

Your advice is like music; it totally rocks –

and brings happy smiles to weary days.

We’ll be together: after-hours and lunchtime,

whether Splunking through caves or VPPs…

climbing through difficult crunch-time,

and undoubtedly you’ll save me.

So today is another leg of the journey;

a stepping stone, you’re the rock;

a solid base without any worry.

Take a ride, enjoy the walk.

Clean the Dishes

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And some of my dishes are faded and old. I have metal… without silver spoons, so don’t tarnish me with your rusted gloom… “clean” is a word overly exploited, a little bit of dirt can’t be avoided. How you treat a mess is a reflection on your health, wash away waste and understand yourself.

Magic, the Gathering!

A party is happening,
my friends are all there!

So I left to play Magic, the Gathering!

17 super models approached me
in nothing but their underwear…

“MOVE!” I need to play Magic, the Gathering!

I was super hungry,
and needed to eat…

Forgot about food when I played Magic, the Gathering!

My apartment’s so cold,
because I didn’t pay for the heat…

Spent all my money on Magic, the Gathering!

I might have zero life,
it isn’t the end, I’ll reset the dice, and gladly begin:

Another game of Magic, the Gathering!

You might think that my existence is a total waste,
which I’ll tap with a Mountain to give all my creatures haste!!

Winning at Magic the Gathering!

Barbarian Librarian

Trevor the librarian. Beard cascading. Like a barbarian. Intelligence pervading.

I can’t help it. I’m intrigued. Chained on wallet that I see…

Until the next time. When we meet again. Quarters or dimes. That I might lend.

Meet me soon. At the corner pocket. We’ll lower the tunes. And then we’ll “talk it.”

You have many stories to tell, you’ll get to talk it – and not yell.

Fozoh Saliki

When I first met Fozoh, he was just this quiet guy behind Mel’s desk. But he had this calmfident smile that was just the best. Soon we got talking and played soccer and frisbee — his athleticism is nothing short of amazing. So basically he’s a rocket scientist and an athlete, could this engineer possibly be beat? But yes, it get’s better! He’s a musician! Cutting great videos is Fsaliki’s true mission: a cover here, a new track there… never fear or doubt the premiere. Appreciate the works in all of his reels, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get all of the feels.

A Poem Full of Data

Oh my, oh my… Waldo seems to be hopelessly lost! And without discernible information to go by, his world is naught but confusing chaos. Computers calculate beyond our cognition, just looking doesn’t provide elegant solutions; we tire and fail at repetition, and won’t yield consistency in our wisest conclusions. You may think you saw things… that’s when this stops being fun. What if there were 10,000 drawings and Waldo might only be in one? This is the very idea of machine learning; deduction and reasoning are computerized. And even if it seems a bit unnerving, we get gigantic lenses for our little eyes. We need our data extracted and cleaned, only then can we analyze it, and when the process is polished pristine, we can present and visualize it.

When we can do that, we not only find Waldo, but we find everyone else too. After today you’ll be in the know; how you proceed with that power is up to you.

The Board Room

My day is neither short nor limited, when the deal is sealed and done, and every day that I’ve visited, I never cease to have some fun!

You might think I’m a carboard crack addict, and of course you are correct. I play sleeveless — but don’t panic. I’m careful not to scuff or nic.

Seriously we’re selling lottery tickets to children, but we’re making them acute, and when they slam those bombs to win, they are anything but cute.

This child Dante, for example, joined the circus while in college. Even when clowning at his table, he juggles wins as our judge.

Or take this mathematician: Ben, his arithmetic’s like lightning, so just don’t be too surprised when he wins with haste — it’s frightening.

Oh, looking for trades for commander? Then you should play a game with Zach… you’ll surely have plenty of trade time shortly after you get trample smacked.

But, dear reader, you must stay vigilant! Even when you want to tap out, read all of your cards with due diligence, and try not to swear and shout!

I must admit I do it often, with families and children around, and even when I try to soften, I explode when I lose the round.

Oh don’t worry Sean, I’ll mention your name too, because we all know that Shawn is simply better than you.

Lolly’s plays keep me guessing, and I’m reluctant to hear her creature stories, she utters tales as depressing as they are utterly gory.

I would never stop on a dime, even in tubs of silver, James, here’s your random rhyme,  stop beating me with slivers.

I often play too many colors, but hey, who plays to win? And if there we’re five or more others, I’d rainbow at least ten.

Because Magic really is a gathering, where I’ll meet other wizards like me, among witches, walkers, and a smattering for general affinity.

TR, Time Raveler

Your eyes are little planets, like the one you’ll be travelling. And they’ll find many adventures as time keeps unraveling. I will miss your humor, and just think of Ashley! From today’s Cockatrice to Reinhardt’s first bashing. On to another day, as this one will pass… You may be a diamond, but I’ll always kick your ass!