Catan-Ya (poem)

I read Catan-Ya on YouTube Let’s sit down and enjoy another round of… CATAN-YA Oh, wow! I rolled an 8! Sometimes luck just feels like fate… (sigh) C’mon Blue, you need some sheep… lest you embargo ‘til defeat. Don’t be so suspicious White… lend help, it’ll be alright. Red, you won’t get my trades, no! […]

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Rageaholic’s Anonymous (fiction)

My name is Gayorg Reynolds, and I’m a rageaholic. Growing up, I never fit in. Regular gloves, shirts, coats, and shoes never properly fit. As a kindergarten orphan shopping at the local Big and Tall Men’s shop (only pants), my caretakers started to grimace at me. I wanted to, but was unable to sew clothing […]

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CDG, born July 11th 1985: (poem, anecdote)

I read CDG, born July 11th 1985: Charles Danforth Guthrie, born July 11th, 1985:was no longer womb cradled,time stopped! A legend emerged,see… his deeds would be fabled,stars aligned; fate’s plan had splurged. Gentlemanly and scholastic,was (humbly stated) never enough,A musician whose athletic,is physically and mentally buff. Professionally translating the enigmatic,using methods that remain a mystery,he […]

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Black Gem (poem)

The black so black,the white so bright.Two thin eyes silently, solemnly staring.The scars deepen year after year,are bloodless and painless.A long slit of hair forever escaping, enchanting,entrusting someday to live out the dark black of life.There in sight, a nose, cut with no hope forsmell of sweet slim sides of flowers.It’s sad mouth licking, looking,but not […]

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The Eternal Shore (poem)

There I was upon the shore. Ever walking in silent bore.I continued walking, never stopping,even when my legs got sore.There I was at midnight glance,and knew I had little chance,but kept on walking toward the light. Life has left and death has risen,hope to escape a following prison.I have always cried in this sad defeat,and […]

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Laser Tag (poem)

I read Laser Tag on YouTube Laser lenses clean,fog is creeping near,two platoons convene,misting scents of fear. Blue and Red to battle,there is much at stake,echoing cries shall rattle,the very earth will shake! Photograph this picture:the scene surely mucky,a lone man quoting scripture,I’m so very lucky… Most excited/scared… I’m stoic.Proud Red! An honor… Heroic!

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Riddle Me Christmas (poem)

I read Riddle Me Christmas on YouTube Discover 15 items at your leisure,specifically those for your pleasure.Be my guest, try your guess!You can get rewarded 3 times tonight.So here they are from left to right: This drink is one to savor,energizing effects inert…Enjoy the roasted flavor,without being overly alert. On branches breezed,cited in ancient Greece,A drupe […]

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Guthries’ 2 Mystic (poem, anecdote)

Growing up at 2 Mystic Lane led to imagination, creation, and elation. The tales and tails of what grew here persisted, and will persist past passing. Fun, drama, strife, adventure, and dreams… flying turtles to pod-racers and trampolines! They broke their boundaries, bones, and even each other! Always getting the best of one another, rambunctiousness […]

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