Fall’s End (poem)

I read Fall’s end on YouTubeWandering Wind whispers, “loose leaves leave…”Green’s agreeable, Yellow worries, Red’s resolute.Branches bend breeze’s braided weavegraciously guide Green’s circular route. Yellow considers Red with consternation,stout, strong, standing stably;glimpses Green with contemplation,gorgeous, gliding, flying ably… Detached friends invigorate Red’s ardor,Yellow/Green’s feeble stems broken.Gusting Winds now blowing harder,cracking, creaking, careening oaken. Red’s last […]

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Meaningless (poem)

I Read Meaningless on YouTube The mean is so average, so simple, so clear.So what meaningfully brings so much fear? Socratic questioning unravels riddles wholly?Experiment for meaning! Lest we learn too slowly! This thirst for knowledge will be diminished,as will you, myself and this verse be finished.

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Phoenix Spawn (poem)

I read Phoenix Spawn on YouTubeExhaled through a kiss,sprayed an oily mist,then sparked upon wand,the fire bird spawned: ascension from gasses, its swooping form passes,resurrection in fire,inherent wherein dire…fated visage rescinds,disappears within winds.

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Radiant (poem)

I read Radiant on YouTubeCandles burn as a flaming tear, and are the portals to wax’s ascension. The oil’s progression to carbon dioxide and water is beautiful up close… and from afar. Vaporization and a calm blaze emit: red, yellow, and blue reacting consistently. What is it that you brought us Prometheus? How much power […]

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Friends From The New Haven (poem, anecdote)

Games ‘er done,most ‘ad left.Two men joined,Deedlies deft. Eric ‘n Codyah aever sa nice.Skills n’ strength sow-led.Dominate dem dice! Tiphani played mar gam’n.raced us three non-stop.I naer won kart’n.Laugh’n ‘n Scott’s shop!— Silly silicon nerdy;let’s ah…’gree, I ae-em one.Antics made me bellow.da’Apatment ahso fun! We’d bluffed ‘n peeked dicies.each shot mad meh dumba…Rundio ruled alll […]

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Tweaked Pranx

Subway Solicitation A disheveled, stumbling homeless man enters a somewhat crowded MTA car. He materializes an old school boombox, puts it next to one of the doors, hits the play button (an actual tactile button). The song starts to play, “I need a dollar, dollar, dollar is what I need.” The man’s body language is […]

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Tweak’s Sneaky Revelations

Sleepy’s slogan is a pun, not just a super creepy death reference.(Sometime in 2008, from a Sleepy’s ad)“Open Sesame” in expanded to “open says me”(Sometime in 2010, watching a movie)The reason we say, “You’re welcome” after giving thanks is because it is a shortened version of offering more help in the future, “You’re welcome to my service.”(July […]

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The Power of Hunger (anecdote)

I experienced a revelation this morning because I woke up hungry i.e. low blood sugar. The world was slow. Thinking was tough; it didn’t occur to me that I needed to eat. The situation was reminiscent of waking depressed. 45 minutes lying. With concerted effort, I pushed my body away from the bed, but only […]

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PRIDE! (poem)

I felt pretty! Witty! And Gay! But shortly thereafter: sullen, hidden, and sad. “Where do the worthless maggots lie?” I evaded these questions stooped with fear. “Why don’t all these f _ _ _ _ _ s die?” And wondered: why couldn’t I not be q _ _ _ r? Mixed muddled thoughts grew with me. Bigotry. […]

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