Meditation (Instructional)

Want to try meditating? This always lulls me into the subconscious: Get comfortable in a bath with as few ambient distractions as possible i.e. changing lights or noises.  When doing it, focus on consistent breathing e.g. I inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 3 (my exhales are shorter, likely due to the muscles in the […]

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A Man Called Year (poem)

I read A Man Called Year on YouTubeI was bereft of warmth on a cold March day, whence overnight a deft young’n made his yearly play! An old man walked defeated as he muttered and chastised the young boy that heated the world as he warmly exercised. The wisdom of the elder: self-assuredly shrewd, scoffed […]

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Birthday Wishes (poem)

I read Birthday Wishes on YouTube Here’s to being one year older,each age told… that statement’s bolder.So thanks for all the birthday wishes,all you misters and all you misses! Our youth fades yearly… so why whine?Age brings perfection along with time…Like seedlings to a bushy pine,or the grapes for a glass of wine. Vine growth continues in the sun,where […]

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