Tweak’s coined expressions

Fission Looping Story 10/29/2014:I just played Dominion on Goko against a random for the first time in like a year. And: I hereby coin the term: fission loop – A turn that uses the discard pile multiple times to purchase new cards for the current turn’s play area. e.g. Renee used contiguous Throne Rooms and […]

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A Parody of 6S (anecdote)

My company had a policy called 6S to keep the place tidy looking*To the tune of Oompa Loompa* Gemba gemba dupity doo it is time to sort for you:What will we do if you have a cluttered desk?How will you pass the neatness test …I don’t like the look of it…need to try a little bit. Gemba gemba dupity doo it […]

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POW Camp: July 17, 1995 (anecdote)

We competed for ‘our’ amusement under a blaring sun in 100+ degree weather in a field on the outskirts of a swamp. Disease carrying ticks, virus wielding mosquitos, and venomous bees surrounded our bare feet. We were only 7 years old. The current activity, “SPUD,” was designed around anti-escape conditioning. Even though we wouldn’t be […]

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Midnight Pratt (anecdote)

The factory floor is completely dark, but my path illuminates before me. It is nearly Monday. The motion sensors in the room are very specific to the working areas in order to save money. Walking through this giant room, roughly 2×2 city blocks in size, the lights illuminate millions upon millions of dollars of assembly […]

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