Founders (poem)

A portrait of a curly blonde man stood framed by a glass door. He stared me down, my condition was poor. I was too late on that ebbing Fall day… so perhaps it was pity that made him turn ‘round to say, “Elias, you got one more in you today?” A moment of eye contact […]

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A Boast (poem)

I am Andrew Hopkins Guthrie. To my namesake: Sto Pro Veritate. All that follows is true. Believe me? Up to you.hurt with glee, tackled by two, subdued by 3, skin melting glue, scar on my knee, knife at my throat, mind ground open, cut by a boat, stabbed with a pen, punched in the face […]

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Huntress (poem)

A dark elusive clandestine destiny The sculpted statuette of whittled ebony One piercing arrow that she drew… Punctured the throat of little Lew Buried in the ashes of Len’s slay A singed shiny arrowhead lay

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Phoenix Down (poem)

An average cricket chirping summer night, Len pulled away with unheeded plight, Some may call rape violent passion, but Brute’s eyes were for attraction. Shattered feelings, hope was lost, The tempest in Len’s mind was tossed! The confusion pain mixed with lust… How could once she give him trust? Age’s passed, she craved more passion, […]

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Wolf (poem)

I’m left handed, but never sinister…—————————————————- Honest, humble, caring, and true; our family’s tight, together like glue. Annie’s an angel, Raegan’s rebellious, Tami the tougher. Three sisters protected by a buff big brother.—————————————————————- Usually running alone, traversing all weather. The wolf pack hunts (snow-blinded together). Rock’n n’ roll’n, sing’n moon-howling: boarding, biking, blading. Growling.————————————————————— I ably maintain: autos, bikes, and machines. Accept the […]

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Bonnet, Mugs Bonnet (poem)

This classy ass suit? It’s French; stark. My cigars whisper rolling rings. Bookie by day… don’t ask after dark. Long ears perked hear secretive things.  Don’t piss me off, my razor is: sharp. Fur’s unshaven, blade slicing stings. Don’t cross us, you might fall apart. We got good friends: rings within rings. Of this family: I’m […]

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Counter-Strike (poem)

The fight: of comrades, of brotherhood,are never considered senseless violence.Widowed lovers, and childless mothers would:require revenge for their lad’s silence.Kill the enemies, trounce the evils,stay vigilant, and stab the weasels.Get your rifle. Equip your gun.Spend some money, have some fun…Desert Eagle, A-W-P.If we live tonight, drink’s on me.Wear armor: helmet and a Kevlar vest,strap in […]

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Fall Fete (anecdote)

I’ll keep this concise, but so much happened. Fall Fete Friendly faces, new and familiar; hugs and handshakes. Powerful impressions. Liz and Liza, I think you, Stella, and Hudson should make a service that wakes people with energetic puppies, call it: ‘Alarmingly Cute’. Alexandra, thanks for letting me carry you, not that your dance skill […]

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Goodbye Middletown! (anecdote)

Friends at Luce, In 2013, your building showed me hospitality before most of us met when Gordon let me use the facilities since my heat, water, and power stopped working that winter. Eventually, he sub-letted the apartment, and now several of us are on a first name basis. It began with Ed and Michelle at […]

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