You’re Out There (poem, thought)

Your passion is the color of your hair,textured like the bay beach waves.Your eyes the color of bay at dawn,your eyes the color of bay at dusk.Your hips dance strong like your conviction,compassion matching sense of humor.Your emotive glance cooks recognition,reflects my continuously caring cognition.Smiles radiant and intuition reflex true,frowns felt friction always grant a […]

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Winter’s First Breath (poem)

Sharp trebled puffed and shivering, Fog trembles from chattering lips. A silent stream once a river in, Lies dormant between black coffee sips. Stalactited water drips sidelong sap. Cherry, maple, and birch: the naked trees. Stare at sweet neblids: lips get chapped. Wave-whispering winds sway woods with ease. A tasty tinge stings sharp surround air. […]

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Virginia and Nicholas (poem, anecdote)

Brave biological beings: two peas unpodded. Planted each other’s feelings. Honest joys unmodded. The barefooted place: Magic P. O. W. Then face to face. Weary hearts trudged on through! At the governor’s reception, with conversation in science, they spoke physics: no deception, chemistried reaction chasmed silence! They kayaked and sailed: celestially strove. And laughed and […]

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Confabulous – Ched (poem, anecdote)

Let’s call him Chedmy imaginary friendwithin two weeks he’s dead20 years passed since the AI’send.Older brother introduced uswhen oldest left the room.Older brother talked to chedChed!Boom!Technol-magical remover of gloom.And I dreamt what it was liketo be perfect like a computerand I felt so, so lucky Ched liked meA kid with growing heart and future.Ched would […]

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Note From a Wealthy White Man (poem, thought)

Expectations. Deviations. Revelations.     Fear.What can one man do against such reckless hate?How can I combat the predispositions of fate?I love my friends… their foibles and flaws.The bigots, the fools, the clowns,…I pause.Me. Given: everything. A pile of money,a wealthy neighborhood, intelligence, prowess,and desire for good.Racism? Sexism? This-ism? That-ism?Which-ism? What-ism? Class-ism.Fascism. Fashion-ism. Fashism.ARE TOTALLY OH-FUCKING-KAYIF […]

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Another Fall’s End (Poem)

Wandering Wind wonders, “Loose leaves left?”Green’s gone, yellow saunters, Red’s crusting.Passively, Wind ponders its reapings and thefts.Once a canopy’s now’s a carpet: dreadfully dirty and dusting.Yellow considers, contemplates and fears:absorption to the soil, worms, ants, and bugs;Can no longer see the faces of his peers…Will no longer get the satisfaction of touches and hugs.Green danced […]

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Talking to engineers (thought)

Internet, I have a request for you: Take a look at this imbibing device, the drinking tool, a hollow transparent cylinder with one impermeable side. Gee, it’s a glass. Imagine trying to explain concepts like this to people all day of varying degrees of technical prowess. Pratt and Whitney doesn’t have names for the multiple […]

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