Audience (poem)

Recognition realization reformation invigoration.Applause, laughter… oohs and awes.They are compelled to stimulation…Want performance without pause… The famed glory: an edifice of interest.That same story simply said in this: If they love you, will you love you more?Without that thumb, your work a bore?How do you construct and define your score?Musically? Arranged? Goals? Points? What for? […]

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Mist (poem)

Misting misty mist.Sweeping swooping puffy looping,vapor splendor mists oft spread,graveyards’ render mists of dread.Tendrils tighten twirl dissipate.Clouds conceal reveal amalgamate.Fingers: thready, furled eddy,lingers steady, curled, ready. Once tried to touch it,…but always missed.Ever elusive, and rampant mist.

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Bar Taco (poem, anecdote)

Bass. Basking beige lights.Horns trumpeting, drums drumming.Plaid clad servers’ showing sights.Placate and fall to quiet humming. Smooth tequila might be a trickster.Lane’s smile: ever welcoming,“Chittle-clickle” shaking ice in the mixture.The thought, “too much?” …a seldom thing. Miniature delectable morsels delight.Perfectly portioned tasty tamales.Evermore drinks: flavors so slight.Bar Taco: 5 flavors and brilliant umami!

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Dog stares at stairs (poem, anecdote)

Watch as a dog stares down the stairs.See the doubt of animal foresight.Look at the creature look around.In a moment’s eye contact: see her plight. “Carry me. It’d be so easy for you…”Look at her, consider what you’ve done,contemplate what to do.Sassy, Tashi, Duncan, and Freckles too.Remembering when I heard him fell.And that fear I felt […]

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N^Ed.word (poem, anecdote)

Let’s jump on the trampoline. Let’s attack Charlie. Let’s do engineering. Let’s fierce without folly. An EMT coding with light. A nude dinghy ride at moonlight. How about a sail? Let’s bake some bread. Then without fail, find a great wife to wed. 2 kids you say? Hilary, I dare 3 more! Christine and Charlie […]

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Morning Joe (poem)

Black, brown, strong, smooth, silky. Drip it. Sip it. Cup it. Mug it. Taste it. Face it. A pungent toasty aroma: Invigorating, uplifting, eye-opening and stimulating. Consume the coffee, Stain your teeth, dip biscotti, turn a leaf. Wake up. Smell the brew. Get up. Taste it too. Drink up. Feel it through. Wake up! This […]

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Unfiltered (poem, thought)

Walk down a hall.Drift through a chasm.Notice all: Big. Small.Slow or fast phantom. Imagine my world… with no blind eyes.Become wearily wise with imagination.Surround yourself with lovely gals and guys.Succumb yourself into illogical infatuation. Things happen that I cannot explain.Lying is terribly complicated.Explaining thoughts is what I disdain.My mind: dumbfounded. Future: dumb-fated. I’m tired, bleary, […]

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