Chapter 3 – Redemption (poem)

I waited until the valedictorian’s speech mentioned orphaning, then I’d cause the breach. Two M80s taped to shafts supporting wood, justice for what is right, justice for what is good. There may be Hell where I must pay for this, and I’ll gladly go there to see him pay for his. In sixty seconds my […]

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Foresight (poem)

I have existed a thousand livesin the foresight of my mind.Nine hundred ninety nine are fate-lessto a story without rewind. What if? What if? What if?A question stuck on repeat.Even if THE if be if…victory as likely as defeat. My mind’s eye sees shadows of the presents’ lights.The forecast fades regardless of all my crying […]

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Ms. Mary (poem)

Ms. miss Mary, She’s oh so very talented, smart, and fair. Oh miss McCarthy! And how with her art she paints in focus and care. Her pencil with glee captures knick knacks to be a piece, a still you’ll believe. Because once she’s done, enthrallment is won. Stare deep, feel fully: perceive.

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New York Delta (poem)

Songs of bliss,songs of sadness,songs of piss,songs of madness. Floor raid Small three!Grock’s poured with glee…DS in the basement.Positions! Placement! It’s midnight, phone’s ringing,two brothers are missing…It’s midnight, pledge singingwhere together upbringing. Pat cooked up a storm,surely thunderous aftermath.If toilets could scorn,on kielbasa would wrath. Despite dangers and risky friction,I wouldn’t trade those years away.Such […]

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Were-with-all (poem)

A trip, a realm, a parallel dimension. Climb up east, traverse in west, A monkey and a vixen. The werewolf prowls, yet never scowls his prey, instead they scope giant’s faces, moonlit or in day. Beauty and beast, beast of beauty; strong compassionate throng. Their skipping ascension without reprehension: sure as day is long.

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Muh Mary (poem)

Are you she?My heavenly plea?As what. Who that I see?A beauty of curves in front of me.But, your body, breasts, and that butt.…are eclipsed by much more.What? A mind.A piece of mind.Mary, and peace of mind.Intelligence behind green eyes.Wit rooted with red hair.Vocabulary plainly wise.Portrait ideas, skin so fair. Conceive at brilliance to stare.

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Cereal Killers (poem)

Honeynut Bumbles, poison stinging all.Trix Rabbit buries hand grenades.Lucky wields arcane fire… carelessly flinging balls.Captain Crunch battalions the musket brigades. Frosty the tiger mauls children,while Toucan Sam sniffs leftovers.Smack’em the frog smacks old men.Count Chocula just watches and hovers. Snap, Crackle, and Pop… the brothers,AKA the terrible threesome,the kings in the rings of these killers,their […]

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