No, Snow (poem)

Stubborn swaying Snow,falling faintly slow,warm up! Unfreeze,and let the water flow. Silly slushy Snow,your temper seems so low,free those fractaled bonds,and let the seedlings grow. Simply stupid Snow,you already know:fear is cold and fruitless,we’ll reap when we can sow.

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Echo (poem)

I have one face, and one alone.And if my feelings appear like stone,it is because they areheld togetherby tar. But if I could emote to you that you smelt it,maybe you would realize you can melt it. How can I hail thee across blank echos?If all that you reply is ________. Hail back to me […]

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Gorror (poem)

Metal cages, muted rages,bloody pages, silenced sages. Fierce fiery folly.Acidic slime volley. Putrid pestilent puke.Vomiting volume droop. Ugly, sinful, crunching, painful,destined, dismal, utter abysmal. Chains electrified and barbed.Sadistic seniors free of charge. Hello! hello, hell owns hell owns. Snap bones, crack teeth,smatch hands, chomp feet. Chaotic? Never, such is the reality of a worthy endeavor.

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The Perfect Man (poem)

I am the perfect man,and will obey your commands.I’ll show affection when I can,and will never make demands. Those covers are all yours.May my hairy body keep you cuddled.If you want, I’ll get on all fours,and drink from a puddle. I’ll kiss you: anytime, anywhere.Because the perfect man showsthat you come first!And I’ll easily know,if […]

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Charlie and Vicky (poem, anecdote)

Charlie and VickyLove is elusive and mysterious,felt differently by everyone,Cupid’s rather mischievous,firing arrows just for fun.This verse is for my next sister,as well, of course, my brother,may he be an excellent mister,for such a beautiful lover.A pair of musicians,rock out to ukulele,now shared ambitions,soon conquered on the daily.What’s that? Video games?She plays ’em… really well.What […]

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Daily (poem)

Oh, the silliness of our day-to-day affairs,the wonders in a week and weakening wears,But what is it that compels our self-dares?And how is it that we know when to and who cares? I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m weak.Stimulated for the moment, but outlook’s bleak. Music is still beautiful… I guess.And I know I’ll smile… I […]

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Howie’s (Poem, Anecdote)

Another Wednesday at two,A corner is windless at the fence.Howie’s got more than red hots for you:Chili, onions, cheese, and chops too. But what’s more is warmth in a smile.A handshake hasn’t seen you for a while. People on Chapel just scuttling by.The grill broils perfect on this brisk day in March.The meats are moist […]

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Falling Fire (poem)

An archangel lights his wings ablaze, to crash through the atmosphere. And knowing he’ll never be raised, he lands beholden to this sphere. The scars on his back appear as hair, and his halo twisted leaves the same. Now a mortal with blood to bear, with nothing else but faith to blame. He crashed into […]

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New Day (poem)

The dawn of a new day, it’s beauty and potential. An arcing sun rises, surmises, and surprises. Flowers. Wind. Grass. The invisible is visible, newness springs of water, rebounding springing metal, vibrating music of the vernal day.

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