For Tashi (poem, anecdote)

I remember when you were just a pup skipping, scampering, and falling in circles. Smelling every smell you could smell, and harrassing your uncle Freckles. You ran toward and from waves, when we took you to the ocean. Your bark was super annoying, anytime a door would open. Remember when you wouldn’t let me pet […]

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7 Gifts (poem)

The first of which is a robotic harp.I cannot sing to you while I’m away.Perhaps its melodies will sooth your heart.And at your leisure, serenade your day. The next will be a special flower.Named for you, a synthesized seed.I’ll plant a new one ever hour.Conceive the scent of a beautiful breed. I’ll capture lightning in […]

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Outer Spaces (poem)

Dreams exist in countless places, like rolling oceans with cloudy faces. Morphing mists where outer space is. You’ll never force entry with power like that of a motor or meditation, but you might access staring at a flower while sitting on a quiet sailboat lost in imagination. The sun reflects perfectly at dusk and dawn. […]

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Tikkaway (poem)

A lantern’s lightglows effervescent.And what’s brightholds luminescence. Eat at Tikkawayfresh, crispy, saucy.Take it that waywith a mango lassi. Food is energy,just like light.With that synergy,taste the sight.

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Whimsical Dream (poem)

Candy and luck.Rainbows chase unicorns.A silver horned buck.Performers’ gold leaf uniforms. Scotland streams of orange soda.Bagpipes blowing purple bubbles.Video games neva game ova.No one ever gets in trouble. Beds are made of cloudy air.Sleep only for meditation.Dance alone or in pair.Gliding by constellations. Make a star.What ever you think.Go on, go far.Blink blink blink.

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Beauty (poem)

Capture a butterfly in the palm of your hand.Set it freeandhope it will land. Track the wolf on the mountain.Cry as it howls at the moon.And when your tears well up,attempt your businesswithout showing gloom. Capture light with smoke and mirrors.And clown around with magic tricks.You only know of one sorcery:beating hearts may never trip.

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Permanence (poem)

To assign the idea of “always”. Or an abstraction of “never”. Would never be too wise. Nothing lasts forever. What is your perception of permanence? Is there perfection in prescience? No such thing as infinity. No such thing as zero. What then is divinity? Who then is: the hero? My advice is to let it […]

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Shaina’s Ham (poem, anecdote)

Moist, succulent, dripping, and hot. The roast basted and bubbling. Ham sizzled open on the pot. Salivating mouth droplets doubling. Pink chunks fell from the knife,  a spoon could have served just as well… Never had I been so eager in my life to taste what I now retell: Salty, tangy, crunchy, munchy. It’s texture […]

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