Overcome Failure (poem)

Hold back harm, as we link arms, feed me light, and stay in sight. We’re in danger, I’ll make mistakes, don’t push anger, and we won’t break. Curves and curls, loops and rails: dusty paths and hidden trails. Keep me aloft, climb new heights. Stay warm and soft to comfort frights. Moving forward, I’ll have […]

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Chapter 2: Christoic (poem)

I’m weary, but I’m a fighter. Outlook’s dreary, wishes brighter. My story wasn’t so bad, but my demeanor’s telling, it isn’t glad. I was only seven, just a boy in church prayers heaven. My parents’ bodies kept me alive, everyone suffered, everyone else died. Stained glass windows yellowed with noxious fumes, the altar like a hearthstone of […]

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Nibbler Supreme (poem)

You don’t need to be told whose king,see me on any one of my thrones.My jumps, so high, and pounces, perfect,vindicate how many humans I own. My subjects work and toil daily,as I lounge, laze, luxuriate, and play.They clean me, groom me, kiss me, and feed me.Chicken, beef, and fish… among other gourmet. If I […]

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Son (poem)

I am the sun.Awake, all-seeing, ablaze.I look down on everyone,and will continue to make days,after the end of your days. I am the sun.You’re creatures that energy plays.Your story has but just begun,my children of love, children of rays.From dawn to dusk: with wisdom I raise. I am the sun.And know what your story’s worth.Your […]

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Hear No Lies (poem)

A lie we take to the graveis one of which we never speak.When truth’s concealed in silence,the blighted outlook’s bleak. But even grass grows on blighted land,is it worth it not to tell a soul?Death is dreary, weary, watery, silent,darkness encompassing, everlasting, foul, full. What does it mean when they say,“The truth will set you […]

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Great Mustache (poem)

Beside cigars rolling rings from lips, or grazing it with your fingertips… Hair so fine its surprising its man is finer. Color so on point. Do you use eye liner?But no, it’s natural of course, and always soft, never course. Tastes and tinges of scotch and steak, smiles and sincerity show no breaks. What is […]

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Sara (poem, anecdote)

A powerful viking,bodacious burlesque!Much to my liking…I will attest. Beowulf’s dropped jaw,Shield Sheafson’s toppled might.They’d stare in awe,at her voluptuous sight. She’s serenading Sara,to say the least.With hidden turkey,let’s have a feast!

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Dear Danielle (poem, anecdote)

I always knew that you were nice,since the night we met, rolling dice. Soon, I saw you were intelligent and cool,from the first and many shots of pool. You told me of a haggis birthday,and pronouncing “Edinburgh” the right way. Scotland meant so much to me,which you read alongside each **sip of whiskey**. The ice […]

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