Mark B

Just the proper cropping, who is this guy?Then I laugh at Photoshopping.And don’t bother with the why.Mr. Mark Boren,we’ll soon surely meet,I haven’t any clue when,but we’ll warmly gladly greet…and greatness will begin. Granted, it has started.And going.After we’ve parted.It’ll keep growing. That Jen lady seems pretty coolshe’s in your pictures, which rule. Keep fun […]

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Care to arm wrestle?You should probably think twice.A misogynist piggy challengedand was caught like like a vice. Have you heard of them?Mac and cheeseburgers, of course.They’re heaven, they’re everything, they’re God!I want them for every meal, and every course! Some might think she’s affectionateand they’re right, joyful snugs :).She’ll let you know for a smiling […]

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Bree G

Let’s see,Let’s see:the mystery.The mystery to me,that is ms. Bree. Ringing singing,voices caught.Breezily bringing,serenade sought. Emotion emotive,translation explosive,words and feelingsemit from your lips,your body expresseswith dancing hips.Waves.Gyrations.Rocking vibrations. You were wondering,who is she?Ha! You don’t know?That’s Bree.

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How should one make a first impression? Scooting? Biking? And at your pace? You’ll remember my name without correction! When I splash some water in my face! Why don’t you show a creepy movie? With razor blades, eyeballs, and murder? How is it that you seem so groovy? Within so much darkness and lurking fervor? […]

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Gris B

Watch out, tread with utmost care…You never quite know what you’re facingwhen you’re dealing with a bear. This she-beast is great, awesome, and dourher core is carnal, carnivorous, crunching power. The true story of Goldilocks was just right,that is,she was a magnificent morselfor GrisB’s appetite. Chomp Chomp. Stomp Stomp. When she’s not tearing flesh, ora […]

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Anya B

If kindness were a lemon drop, somehow you’re not sour. I’m so glad to see you smile, no matter when the hour. Maybe I’ll see you by Caseus, and you’re there with a giant tray. Then you’ll squeeze the cheese in my car. “To city hall, Andrew!” Okay! Then we’ll have coffee at the Lab, […]

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Travis and Thema

“If you help me find a place to live, I’ll totally write a poem about you.” They offered THEIR apartment to give. How much kindness flows from these two? What more could I tell ya? Steps they break, paths they pave? This is Travis Carbonella, and of course Thema Graves. Some might call it joyous […]

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Chris M

The stories you’ve told…involve the crazy, weird, and the dumb.With a heart of gold,full of love, laughter, even platinum. How can we gaze atyour bright blue eyes?(They’re blue, right?)Without being dazedbeholding that sight? Of all the hunks to bless New Haven,it’s C-master Monks heroically savin’.All these damsels in distress,moped kidnaps seen the best.Stolckholm syndrome?More like, […]

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Elias D

“Do you like Scotch?”Wait, are you joking?“Nope, got some matches?”Then there’s a cigar I’m smoking. How would you rate your luck?With a friend so SO bad ass?I’m just happy to be here.And surrounded by class. Was that banana a good idea?“Nope” you said with no disgust.Well, I made a mistake.Your negative opinion, I can trust. […]

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Zach S

Raw simple sentience.Didactic dissidence.Mathematical prescience.Trained indifference. “Hey, play some poker?”Then you grabbed more moneyin the middle of the hand!But hey, it was funny. “Oh, you like Frisbee too?”And then we started it,tossing the game disk,and after school ultimate. “Want to play Halo?”NO. But how about Smash?A trip to Sierra Grill,and a Paul Nelson bash! You […]

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