Zac H

“But what about this?”“And what about that?”You never got pissedat Rudy’s confused crap. “Oh captain, my captain”is to say the least…A sympathetic bastion,yet untamable beast. I was able to scry it,your ascension, your strength.With that warrior diet,you rose through the ranks. You’re certainly a scholar.Glance through a reticle,and I’d gladly holler:“His attraction is chemical!”

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Kevin P

His spelling isn’t always perfect.But how can you not love him any way?His conviction strong, efforts worth it,and I’d rely on him any old day. Remember all the pizza we tasted?Or playing soccer together in sneakers?Or maybe those times we got wasted!And the hub bub purchasing speakers. We’ve never actually sailed together,but you tried to […]

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Matt N

I don’t think a bigger influence existed, you can’t haul my weight, but a different strength has persisted. And from you I found the power of innovation alongside the trials of integration. Please, prescent me a smell, and with ease of assembly, build bottles as well. I look up to you still, and respect your […]

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Joe P

The excellent feats of this man’s story follow the beats of compounded glory. He walks along, a rock-star legend, crunching equations: gravity bends. He’s not always political,but his strength’s experiential.And to tout his credentials:he’s nothing short of presidential. Let’s keep the beat,time in time bumping.Turn up the heat.Drum. Smash. Thumping.

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Happiness Lab

Sometimes I’m tired, but don’t want to rest though.Let’s get wired with one shot of espresso.Your resident poet since the kickstart,I’m glad to add harpist to my role and my part. You know they’re treats beneath that glass?so don’t overlook as you go past.Get some coffee to start your day,then keep on going the happy […]

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Alex M

Oh no! Oh my! Tic toc!His brain: so fast. Ideas: they’re cash.Mister Alex Murdoch. Take a minute, in fact, take two.Watch intuition grow to fruition.Inceptions and conceptions that flew. Bottle openers of bats.A Gatorade tumbler.K’nex and gun black.I’m now the humbler. A trip to Mamoun’s?You’re in luck boy!Take a ride, make roomand stop calling me […]

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Shaina M

You’re going to be that woman,“How did she do it?”And I’ll agree candidlywith no added whit. I’ve seen you tearwhile watching above,and know it’s from happinesssurrounded by love. You’re a sage of community,a boon of togetherness,and no matter the conditions,you’ll always weather this. Sister Shaina, I’m full of stress.But around you, I feel no fear.Even […]

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Chris R

I only know the recent glimmers, the latest snap of dim-lit shimmers. You’ve exploded,some probably thought you’d have eroded, corroded, or fell. But your story is one of the most amazing to tell. And I barely know a few things well. I look at you for boundary guidance, might I too, cross those lines? Your […]

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Jessy G

London bridge is falling down! As always seems the case when giggling clowns come face to face. Imagine if we were engineers. (gasp) Making structures and things with gears. People’s safety, and scary fears! Well, that’s enough imagining for me, I’d rather help the world musically. It’s a good thing I can learn from someone […]

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Hilary K

Have you heard: The Thong Song?She’ll dance up a storm!And in those beats: BONG BONGhurricanes are born. What was your false name?You didn’t like Giselle.Who started that game?Was confusing as hell! A ballerina an a Razor.Gliding in poses.If an audience gazed her,they’d shower with roses! You make me laugh,keep me smiling.

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