Summer’s End

Brisk breezily eases, “Keep calm and cool.”A leaf facing pleas is fated a frightened fool.Contemplation convinces conviction’s choices,Surreptitious influence surrounds wispy voices. Where’s a leaf in the chaos of this world?Converting light until brown, withered, and furled?A life cycle’s use, exhausted photosynthetic.A leaf’s demise drops drearily pathetic. Grow gleefully gorgeous, oh mother tree,Your colors matured […]

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Lee F

You introduced me to doomsday,on a Haigh person’s bed.And with cards, missiles, and nukes.We decimated the dead. Is Mr. Lee a mystery?Playing the bugle on a machine?An unreserved man in the reserve.Semi-jobless like me and living a dream. Someday we’ll be ridiculously rich.Because of the TAIL of a girl named Stella.Her story of mermaids will […]

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Megan Haigh and Maggie Hotchkiss

Maggie Hotchkiss and Megan Haigh,some might call them the terrible twosome.If you learn the tale of these family friends.You’ll see their story’s a tad gruesome. Move on, move on, artist, comedian.Get a sense of what sets them apart.Heaping helpings of hilarity getting Haigh.And joyous jewels of beauty¬†@Maggsart . They are kind.They are strong.Holding partiesthat last […]

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Marley B

A vignette for you Ms. Bennett isa contrast to the norm. It’s stark.It’s a sad story with strife mentality.This poem’s nothing short of dark. Let’s see, I met you while at potluck drunk.But sadly, I couldn’t remember your name.Then you brought up a dead dog story,so recollection to a fetching game. Yet, I didn’t remember […]

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My story compiled 2014-2015

As an engineer inventing something, I feel constantly lost. When I quit my job in summer 2014, I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do. Rough. And, a little over a year later, my plans are still rough. Every day, I am wading through a murky mess of non-clarity, but I wouldn’t […]

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Chemical Cooperation (Eric Partridge)

CHEMICAL COOPERATION What effects are monetarily in?Whose affects are humanitarian?Is what just is, justice?Capitalist or philanthropist?Let’s learn from a chemist. What if we had a shared chem database?Free to any in our shared earthly place.A chemical for that!And synthesis for this!Would be easy as a flick of the wrist.If only we could search our tablets,and […]

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On Creeps

Women everywhere, we’re just ignorant. I consider myself very epathic, but in order to relate to something you need to experience it a bit. I was never approached by a woman until one interrupted and questioned what I was writing at a fish fry place in Scotland at age 26. Ironically, the purpose of the […]

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Where do I begin?What a classic start.A far-cry of my life.My spirit’s torn apart. An acrid smell of diesel.Improperly emissioned fumes.Stuck in this train seat.Memories haunt my gloom. Where can I escape?Reminders crawl and teem.It’s a living nightmare…of love’s potential gleam. This god-dammed crap.I fucking hate this shit.Yet again I want just blackness.Memories untimely rip. […]

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Liz W

I was asleep before we met,lying at a frozen yogurt place.And stumbling awake,I took your embrace. You actually deceived me,feigning ignorance toward clouds.Some people are that dumb,you looked gleeful and proud. “You seriously find me serious!?”That changed everything forever.You surprised me, and stunned me!Loose the goof, all the better. Sledge hammer that car!A wedding ring […]

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Alan W

What an experience it is,to be beaten by the police.Or any aggressive groupviolating the peace. Granted, with the cops,you can’t strike back.Ideally they won’t inflicta lethal attack. Sensei, you taught me the basicsof a ready position.Elbows closed, arms straight,a centered condition. What you learned from Calasanz,you’ve briefed me on too.May we never have need for:Weng […]

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