Hilary B

The mother of my nephew and niecehas got a sense of humor that can’t be beat.And when she dances to beats in that silver dress,it’s not her goal to have you impressed,yet such sentiment is a success.From her beauty I shall now digress. She told me women come in trios:the smart, the pretty, and the […]

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Hilary K 2

We danced like we were hippies:frolicking happily and light.In a party of the sixties,we danced all through the night. What is happiness for a time?Just laugh a little smile.Hilary, you bring on the sublime,even for just a little while. How lucky am I?To love so many so much.Quite the fortunate guy,as I see it as […]

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Ethereal Grasp

Deeds I dealt.Gifts I have given.Taken or felt.My reach has risen. Reach for clouds.Pockets of ice.Mist is loud.Scatter the mice. Cruelty tookvanity bareshattering shookinto thin air.

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Adam O

Never bored while on the board.Nothing lame about these games.Always dancing, jumping, prancing.Never snoozing, rolling, boozing.Time to think? How ’bout a drink!Do we have fun? We have a ton!Eat pasta, eat pizza, what ever might ease ya.Let loose, just do it! Rock on the music!All I can say Adam, is: Oh my damn. I’d love […]

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Sam Simms

My memories of Sam will persist past passing. They were concentrated with him, me, and Chris Bogie at Royle School and Middlesex Middle school from 4th-6th grade. I’m going to just name memories in no particular order, their significance is like a stream of movies clipped over in my head: Super Smash Brothers after getting […]

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Nate B

We met conversing at music night,we settled on a certain facet:The story of my health improvement…from nothing short of Magic. Our gatherings would soon diversifyinto a game where we carefully miss.And all our aim and concerted triesare thrown by hand with discs. It’s lucky that I met this dreaded guy.It’s almost like he fell in […]

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There I was, on a bed in this chick’s apartment next to a dude named Lee. We were drinking some and playing this game from like 1973. The concept was tremendously trippy with art held hilariously hippy. Yet again I found myself in a mix of unfamiliar faces. What ever. I have fun no matter […]

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Seth W

Let’s start from the beginning,A wonderful place to start.I met you by some rum and dice.And we were quickly set apart. “You need to explain the rules better.” As I kept taking shots of rum. And I really tried to do it better as I got evermore drunk and dumb. I laughed at this scenario, […]

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