Lauren K

With the mindset of mixology,exists an aspect of psychology. Hair of fire.Ambition true.Political ire!…and parties too. Cocktail wear, simply smashing!Puppy party? Bitches Bashing! Over-qualified?You’re too skilled.Simply verified:you’re strong willed. You’ve proven strong without fail.Proven strong while at Yale.Powerful women are the best.Show the world. Ace the test.

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Caravan of Thieves

I first heard you on CT NPR, I was driving to tunes and didn’t get far… before I realized the reverberations of talent, I immediately bought tickets, or when stopping allowed it. That first show was pure bliss! A little bit of that and little bit of this: philosophy, sadness, madness, and joy. I may […]

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To Comment

To comment or not to comment: that is the question. Have thee any hesitation? Is Facebook worth that contemplation? In a sea of poets, preachers, and engineers, will your words be worthy of what they hear? Tis noble to share your ideas in a thought, but be wary of the consequences fraught. Rupture the rapture, […]

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Omari Straker

I stood in the hallway, 7 days before class in our freshman year. “What experiences will pass,” I wondered, “now that I’m here?” My parents dropped me off and waved goodbye, that’s when several black people started walking on by. They were leaving an unknown friend, we’d be hanging out shortly, just around the bend. […]

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