Fire Water Protection Bubble (poem)

You’ve seen my face,wild with joy.And you’ve witnessed,my madness.Looked directly into my eyes,and cradled my sadness.What if, now, you choose:to sustain a gladness? An explosive phoenix, currently embers,it wants fire, but can’t self-sustain, needs someone else…to massage and maintain. The fire has consumed me,and nearly destroyed me.I can barely breath,and I fear oxygen.Never able to […]

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My harp strings resonated, reverberated, and quaked a fissure in the ground. I had struck a high and mighty chord. And in the chamber which produced the sound, I viewed the crystal hilt of a glowing sword. Lava seeped from the crack, jets of fire plumed, then I saw the serpent’s back, shimmering image doomed. […]

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The scars of Endor…from fire and chaos.Enemies lurkand relish our loss. My name is Agni,time traveled templar.Outcast from home.Afestus’ avatar. A life of regret.Death blaze burning.I cannot die.World’s keep turning. Rise from the ashes.Blood oath I’ve sworn.Extinguish desire.For the love I mourn. This cycle’s perpetual.But now it must stop.Records are spinning.Let’s make this beat drop… […]

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It will follow you.Everywhere you see.What is the other half?A part of you and me. Dawn to dusk.Growing so small.At noon it’s gone.At twilight: tall. Creeping continuous careless.Darker. Dismal. Dimmer.Following fleeting and fallen.Slithers sidelong simmers. Stretched outlasted outcasted.The hater of all light.Broadcasts shine explosive.Darkens inner fright. And it wouldn’t exist…without it’s lasting bane.Because pure darknessall […]

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The Conduit

Spirits are speakers.I’m a conduit of verse.Angels and demonsuse my pen for their words. Angels are SO fly.We are forgiving misgivings.Each moment orgasmic!We’re here for the living. If only you’d celebrate Eden’s bliss.Shed your coats of gluttony and greed.Then you’d be sated with all this!And from your hatred, you’d be freed. You speak of ages: […]

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Walk off of a cliff.Cascading rays.Gregarious friends.Ender of days. The waters are brisk.Mermaids will catch you.Taking this risk:truth shall fetch you. A penny for jenny.A doctor of pacts.The advice she lent me…Feelings for facts.

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Gioia C

You know, you’re far too kind.Seriously, it’s undeniable.You also share my sense of humor.Which is affably reliable. You know your way around a kitchen.That’s undoubtedly true.Whether it be haggis or lady cakes…Or something fresh and new. You know you’re a craftswoman.Wood, pig skulls, and chicken feet!I smile in wonderment:“What might be the newest feat?” You […]

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