Jacob and Andy

This is the story of Jacob and Andy, but you might be better off calling them nerdy and randy! That is to say: of course they both are both. No better. No worse. Have you heard about the word? Nerd and nerd, this couple’s the word. I remember our first time at make haven, my […]

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Dallas’s Party

It’s the time of year to give back. So reach on into your santa sack. In this absence of greed, others can feed! You’ve done what you can: with every donated can. This is about giving, not taking. This holiday is yours for the making! …alongside gingerbread houses a baking. Inside real houses with tact. […]

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GRE Words

When would an opprobrium truly be appropriate? Are onlookers oblivious and obviously obstinate? How about an approbation appropriated by the masses? Would such vindication tacitly pave a process? Some authorities seem apocryphal or similarly awful, so we must be circumspect for what is rightly lawful. It is with probity by which we must proceed, and […]

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Big New Haven Night

Here’s to having a big night, a meal in New Haven prepared just right. Friends, family, and food by the score! Music, games, stories and more. We’ll have chats, we’ll have talks, we’ll take time, we’ll take walks. We’ll retire and recline after we sup, after we dine when we meet up.

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Sustainable thoughts.Our practical goals.What ever is sought.Is tangibly told. Dreams come trueone day at a time.Honest and shrewd.Methodical climb. Whenever we fall,we have to get up.We may not be tall.We may lack that luck. So we keep striving.Push, walk, then run.Soon we’ll be thrivinglike the rising sun… Today is dark.Yesterday: dreary.Now disembark:weak and weary. Face […]

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Bonnie 2

I can only imagine what it’s like to live with a chef and a potential body gaurd who could serve you your death. There’s this girl who calls me muffin, or, rather, a woman, and a tough one.  Once, I blanketed her while sleeping, but she totally knew I was there, and if I didn’t […]

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Kevin Mcguire

If man is 5. And the devil is 6. Then that must make you Kevin. Long silky straight brown hair. With skin so light and fair. Ha! Yeah right! There’s a tatoo there, there, there, and there. And they’re visibly awe inspiring. Epically optic, optically epic. Raw perspiring. Ever been 6 months under water? Sliced […]

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Seth’s Scavenger Hunt

Clues and locations? Locations. And clues! Quitters don’t win …and winners won’t lose. When the clock strikes midnight, then this game’s over. And if you play right… you might be hungover. This is a scavenger hunt, venture a guess! Don’t be discouraged. This isn’t a test! Get to your first spot. And make it snappy. […]

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An Open Heart

There are so many wounds time does not heal.And while we understand them logically,their pain is still bleeding, open and real.We will have to endure and remember.Impossible outlooks just seem surreal.An open heart is a double-edged sword.Sadness and gladness, the ranges we feel.

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The SmartWell Oath

It’s the freedom of choice.Let’s enjoy the flavor.And be truly genuine.While we sip and savor. A green alternative.For you and for me.It’s how we’ll persist.Try once and you’ll see. Electrolytes and vitamins.Whether hot or cold.Stay hydrated, stay healthy.It’s better, it’s bold. We’ve started from scratch.Create your own soda.We empower consumers.Vindicate your Voda! So, to you […]

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