Ramping Rant

My name is Andrew Guthrie. And right now I feel okay, even though I cannot feel a single sun-born ray. And in the blackness of this dark, I’ll push on ’til the day. Droplets of sadness drip from my heart… are they naturally falling? Or ripped from the start? Was I born an empath, or […]

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When I see you walking, I want to hold your hand. If I held your hand, I would seek a dance. If we were dancing, I would look into your eyes. If our eyes connected, I would sing to you. And that song would be stifled by your lips. My eyes would close, but I’d […]

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You know you’ve felt down awhile. Joyous thoughts seem out of style… Tremendous tasks stack and pile. Toil verifies the vile. But… Real shortcomings seldom rile your tough trudge through every mile. May this poem be the vial that when sipped cracks lips: a smile. 🙂

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In a moment of pain, I wrote, “Writing helps, people wrong us and there is little we can do to resolve conflict but acknowledge the consequences.” Writing focuses any thought types and consolidates feelings. When I write, the immersion of imagination and the physical act of typing connect me wholly.

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Extroverted Problems

My issue with people is that I love ‘em so much,and you might wonder why there’s a problem as such. I have so much empathy in my brain,all this love in my heart it just feels insane. Going to church with crowds by the steeple,so many warm faces of so many warm people. Then I pause… […]

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My pain is a rip and tear.Eyelids dry drip: not tear.This empty face I wearwears deeply toward despair. Is it asking too much? Just looking to connect a pair?Are my methods neither reasonable nor fair?So transparent to stare?How much pain am I willing to bear?My heart is naked and bare.Who cares? I care. I always […]

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