White worms

The other day I saw them,fading worms of white.There were so many writhing,and clouding up my sight.I have no idea what they meant,they danced like crawling light.And as those few seconds passed,they were so pleasantly bright.

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A Guide Through a Happy Life

A Guide Through a Happy Life What’s organic, and what’s fair trade sacrifices nothing for premium grade. Delicious flavors to sip and savor, if you’re listening, do yourself a favor… Will you enjoy happiness as a brand? Will you take that cup of belief in the palm of your hand? Let me do you a […]

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Valerie G

We met over a year agoover the creation of a lady cake.It was made by and made fortwo of your future roommates. We chatted in Bradley’s living roomabout artistry and photoshop.Technical nuances carefully laid byevery brush, bucket, select, and crop. Much later I’d hear of your giant brain!Yet your thoughts remain a mystery.I see you […]

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1000 hugs

One thousand hugs from me to you, small affections when you’re blue. I cannot make this pain erase, but might put a smile on your face.

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Drinking time!

I generally know the time of day by the beverage… It’s not perfect but makes a good average. Coffee, water, whiskey, wine, get ready to guess with a slice of lime! Half past glass, 7 in and thirsty. Should I pass? Or get all mirthy? I’m making up words, but it feels sublime. Who fucking […]

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