Valerie G

We met over a year ago
over the creation of a lady cake.
It was made by and made for
two of your future roommates.

We chatted in Bradley’s living room
about artistry and photoshop.
Technical nuances carefully laid by
every brush, bucket, select, and crop.

Much later I’d hear of your giant brain!
Yet your thoughts remain a mystery.
I see you smirking behind that wine
with a masters in fine arts and art history…

I’m not sure what’s up with your cat.
But you must think he’s kablammin!
He’s definitely cooler than a fish.
Despite being a little Salmon.

Someday I’ll visit the carriage barn.
And I’ll properly see the gallery.
Then you can again take my fourth hand
to lead me as my friend, my pal, and my Valerie.

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