Anna Jane

Of all the Janes I once grew,Mary was oh so fun!But of all the Janes I never knew,Anna’s the best one. In just under two minutes,I feel I’ve gained a mate.It’s nice you think so highlyas you explain I’m super great! The key to my heart is joy,but the key to all men’s is food.You […]

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Jacob YoYoda

This dude knows all kinds of gear, a man who proudly make his own beer. From the time we met playing Dixit or last Wednesday’s Pictionary, he just loves to win it with a vocabulary like a dictionary. Imagine him here on the brink of yelling. That’s just his laugh, that’s Jacob Lewallen. He’s boisterous, […]

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A Toast

A toast to you you, a toast to tonight, and a toast to many more. Raise your glasses to the sky and feel this in your core. Wine, Liquor, water or beer, see a friend, crack a smile then utter that familiar cheer. Cheers!

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I’ll eat bananas every day, I’ll probably have a few today. I want bananas from a tree. I want them now: in twos and threes! I’ll eat them while I’m in a chair. I’ll eat them sometimes with a pear. I find that snack so appealing. I can’t stop, just keep peeling. I’ll chew them […]

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