I’m looking for her

My standards are rather high. Women needn’t be shy. If they know what they want, and when, (which is also admirable in men), then they attract and also allure, and I know that they’re mature. I know what I want, a strong, smart, fun, funny, pretty woman. Do you know what you’re looking for?

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Phoenix Rebirth

In a wave of fire she falls and crashes, smoldering embers: dying ashes. An egg fertilizes in dust and heat, warmth engulfs a new heart beat. The egg cracks and he has spawned, from night to light, dusk and dawn. He spreads his wings in new sun’s rays, they ignite anew: engulf ablaze. He ascends […]

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Michael Angelis

I blue myself Michael!And we both have a laugh.We just need comedy.Like Hilary needs a bath. It seems we both love games.Remember how our friendship bridged?We played the cards that we were dealt.Over a couple beers and cribbage. You’re kind, considerate, and caring.I am glad to have you as a friend.You’re obviously absolutely bananas:With each […]

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Reality Interactive

Imagine whatever you think may be, and they’ll make it a Reality. From their beginnings in a garage, I can now showcase a little montage. As they grow, we’ll gladly witness. Over ten great years they’re in business. It’s greatness they are reaching toward. With each and every new earned award. Problems might have users […]

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