Laughing your pee out in church.

Laughing like women who are about to pee… An overwhelming expression of pure glee. Now I’m reminded of a story by Jessy, full of laughter and just a bit messy. J: I was in a packed church in South America, Andrew, I know you don’t remember my friend’s name, so let’s call her Erica. There […]

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If only

And if only I could control my heart, bend my will past free will’s start. Then maybe you’d know the pain of choice and the taxation of an honest voice. I know not why I write or do. But my foresight tends to follow through. I am cursed with knowledge that comes regardless. And it […]

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Knowledge is power? Well, wisdom is peace. A world without war can be won without grief.

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When I seek a prize I truly can’t stop, And I’m depressed to keep on seeking. What’s a farmer to do when tending crops? Especially if the yields seem to be peeking? Rain and sunshine make plants grow… With a fuck ton of dirt. And I’ve repressed when I’m depressed To maintain a sense of […]

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I search for a peace: tranquility,at an ultimatum with civility.How can I just watch and wonder?It pisses me off to ponder. It’s terribly tiring, managing an honest throne.A crisp lie must feel nice, a small bribe from the soul.A man is only as good as his word, and I must keep my own.There are other […]

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Up where you walk where all is clouded Works of fire explode through the sky And beneath, where we watch, is crowded Like little dots scuttling below And in light, you’re floating shrouded By and and by, by and by. May your shoes never be eroded, As you walk with light in tow.

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