May I be a pair of ears to listen to your worries? May I hold you when you stub your toes along the way? May I catch you if you trip while in this hurry? Will you forgive me tomorrow for what happened yesterday? No one is perfect, and I’m somebody. “Hate isn’t worth it,” […]

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A conduit of tears is flailing through the past. And as I sit and linger, I wander toward the last thought that crossed my mind. These people, ever rash don’t seem to even bother to pickup all their trash. And I wonder why I look like the ass, as I’m trying, failing to just maintain […]

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Empathic Anger

Empathic Anger I have apologized for another man’s convenience. Even though I didn’t commit the slightest grievance. The deeds I committed were of the right, but I was forced to submission and pushed to plight. No longer will I lay down for my foes, they’ll have to account for their wrongs and their woes. I’m […]

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Corey Hudson

Does your chain hang low? Does it wobble to and fro? Do it shine in the light? Is it platinum is it gold? Does your chain hang low? — Or, rather, is it solid steel? Heavy as hell, metal, iron and real? Your visions are escapades of the present’s sight. And their methods are reshaping […]

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