Digital Signage Art

The poetry you just displayed had me stunned,And I realize what you do is purity,You crunched data like a candy bar…But what I tasted was naught but beauty. Tapping on my phone might paint your canvas. And I’m shaking as I’m writing this.My heart’s been touched my brain blossomed..A vision of your vision was bliss. […]

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What would we do if we could choose our feelings? What sort of emotions would we choose to feel? Contentment? Relaxation? Satisfaction? Without context could they be real? Maybe we can control our emotions. It might be like making your own luck. Yet even smooth jazz in sunshine can’t get me out of my head […]

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Ashes to Dust

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, eternal sleep, for the rest of us. The light of day, a candle extinguished… we won’t give up, we won’t relinquish. It’s sad but true, that all lives end, we’ll keeping on striving, because we don’t know when. But we’re only mortal, faint and fleeting, ephemeral sorrow, like […]

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A cycle, a torrent, a wave, a crash. I’m torn in two, three, four, and six. Let me break free, escape and smash! I stand for the truth, but have fallen for tricks. I can’t even say that I’m unhappy. These feelings cannot be described as sad. But what is it to be truly happy? […]

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What am I doing? I haven’t the slightest… Here I feel surrounded by the best of the brightest. Yet I am the star… of this one act performance. And I’ll play my part as if by an ordinance. My job is tough I’m overwhelmed but when the waters are rough a skipper takes to the […]

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I’m sitting on my stoop next to an almost empty beer. And I’m cold, alone, and honest throughout. But I don’t understand what it is I fear. And I’m lost. What is this all about? The pavement stares back at me. Insultingly empathetic. It seems to glare at me. You’re fucking pathetic. And I wish, […]

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