Imagine it. Just take a pause. A world without rules. A life without laws. Pleasure could be sought for pleasure’s sake. People, animals, and spirits partake. And it’s perfect, it’s ideal. But sadly, it isn’t real. There is much more complexity in the universe than we can imagine we can imagine. Every moment everywhere everyone must beware. Not to say reality is scary, but what makes us human is that we’re wary. We are aware of an ephemeral presence, a temporary existence in the present. What’s a poet to do when he possesses clairvoyance? Foresight is a curse without a semblance of rest for the weary, with dreams and nightmares blended: bleary. I can’t save you from your doom, I can’t shield you from certain gloom. But dammit, I have to try. I will persist as sure as I will die. You people ride the waves of contentment, while insane people attempt to amend it. To help, to live for you. To better humanity. And it’s true: succumbing to insanity. But I’ve been to hell, ascended limbo, and now tap the well of something you don’t understand. How could you? Mere mortal. Pleb. Philistine. Prole. You have chosen the life of a resource to make gods whole. You were born with the curiosity of Prometheus, but chose to hide from the 🔥. And the consequences of your fear spread something dire. You scared others into remission. Submission. Fear is your mission. Instead of harnessing light, you bred darkness and fright. You shied away from conflict. You choked yourself like a snake self-constricted. But I want so badly to be in a place of simplicity, perfect relationships of an ideal humanity. Your fire can be rekindled, your curiosity awakened, naturally it’s dwindled, but my hope is not forsaken. I love you in ways you can’t imagine. Yet. And I’m willing to place my faith in a bet:

You’re a star too. You can outshine me. Right now I’m blue. And utterly lonely.

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