A Trip Around the World

Mr. Nick Setteducato, My name is Andrew Guthrie, no, I don’t descend from Arlo. A lover of all things poetry: laughter, joy, love, and sorrow. I’m gearing up for my next adventure. 10 days and around the world! My tendency is to blindly venture over pages oft left alone: unfurled… So, Jack Nork thought we […]

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To Vicky

Today is the day, it’s a day for two, half for my brother, and half for you. In the battle of the sexes, We often fight and fear loss. When we’re caught up in whose right. We’re also caught up in chaos. But occasionally you find two halves of a whole. Were seeing the combination […]

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Cry Like You

I wish I could cry like you do. I wish myself to weep away my woes. I wish the agony would melt from my face. And that the snot would run away from my nose. I’m tired of the sustained sadness. I’m tired of feeling all that I view. And I only want your happiness. […]

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Standing Rock

I had an awesome time. Some might even call it: sublime. Thank you! To all bands and performances, as we banded together all our condolences… This was a stance, where he held together, may we continue to dance, now and forever! We held hands in a circle of peace. And of our collective mind, we […]

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I am your dreams. I am your nightmares. Your greatest hopes, and gravest fears. Get some rest, you deserve it, I know you’re tired, and know it’s worth it. Sleep will, for a moment, set you free. You’ll travel through time, you’ll travel through me.

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Turtle Power

Of all of life’s hurdles that we must overcome, it’s our tough outer shells to which we mustn’t succumb. And as turtles we will crawl toward success, and in a sea of confusion we wont fall from duress. You can swim fast, and you can climb. But you can’t shield yourself from these rhymes. Because […]

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