The Return of the Two Fellowships of the Duane

The lord of the rings was vanquished, his influence has been dispersed, the focus of evil diminished, but the wake of his horrors are cursed… A peaceful kingdom jaded, Aragorn’s days have dwindled, the rightful lineage faded, the darkness has rekindled. Mount Doom’s lava burned, it impregnated the very soil… it grew unnatural worms; and […]

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Dearest Duncan

I can hardly believe you’re gone. I suppose all of our time is dated… There will be no new memories of you. Just those we had already created. Isn’t it so very strange? I know that I’m in denial. Because I’ll never see you again. We’ve only been apart a little while. The next time […]

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Once upon a new year’s night, I met the mirror of my smile. And when I locked eyes with hers, I was happy for a while. Chemistry is something special and oddly wholly pure. It’s incredible how such little interaction can harbor such allure. I admit it, as surely not a liar, something special burned […]

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