Cuso Goodbye

Nicholas Mancuso, I once called you trash. You know I was kidding though. We all know you rock at Smash.   From my first day as an intern. To this one where you leave us. It’s a warm day in winter when your absence won’t relieve us.   Those lunches we had together – we […]

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Valentine Amore

When love is in your name, how could someone blame you? And if love is just a game, then why would someone play you? When you’re smart with a wicked sense of humor, you gain a certain scent that most would use perfume for. You see, Monica, you’re pure intimidation. Most men watch you with […]

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Overwatch Pump up

I will now attempt in this verse, which I have written and rehearsed to encourage teamwork that’s the best to bring us up above the rest. Over-extending might get you a pick… But their spawn’s right there! Don’t make me sick. Trickling in shows me you’re eager. But a 1 V 6? Your chances are meager. […]

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