I’ve torn my heart asunder in an attempt to be free. In seclusion I wander and wonder at: me.And I grow alongside the paths I seek. With constant recollection of a past so bleak. And now I may always do whatever I please! The friends I once knew are cares in the breeze. I can […]

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My Friend Came Out

Dave and Dallas, Dallas and Dave, two Ds for two Ds, who might misbehave… Don’t holster that thought, he calls it the crane, cover the real estate, no need for shame! What ever they construct, don’t be circumspect, know they’re both working to keep things erect. A thrust of the handle, one final schooch! Now […]

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Rest of US

Some thoughts we might provide in confidence, these though – I’ll share with utmost prominence: and with my rhymes reveal my dominance as I shower in collective compliments. Personally, I like to keep it cleaner, but that doesn’t mean I’m not the meaner. Will you understand what’s pristine-or just talk a bunch about your wiener? […]

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