Barbarian Librarian

Trevor the librarian. Beard cascading. Like a barbarian. Intelligence pervading. I can’t help it. I’m intrigued. Chained on wallet that I see… Until the next time. When we meet again. Quarters or dimes. That I might lend. Meet me soon. At the corner pocket. We’ll lower the tunes. And then we’ll “talk it.” You have […]

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Fozoh Saliki

When I first met Fozoh, he was just this quiet guy behind Mel’s desk. But he had this calmfident smile that was just the best. Soon we got talking and played soccer and frisbee — his athleticism is nothing short of amazing. So basically he’s a rocket scientist and an athlete, could this engineer possibly […]

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A Poem Full of Data

Oh my, oh my… Waldo seems to be hopelessly lost! And without discernible information to go by, his world is naught but confusing chaos. Computers calculate beyond our cognition, just looking doesn’t provide elegant solutions; we tire and fail at repetition, and won’t yield consistency in our wisest conclusions. You may think you saw things… […]

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The Board Room

My day is neither short nor limited, when the deal is sealed and done, and every day that I’ve visited, I never cease to have some fun! You might think I’m a carboard crack addict, and of course you are correct. I play sleeveless — but don’t panic. I’m careful not to scuff or nic. […]

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TR, Time Raveler

Your eyes are little planets, like the one you’ll be travelling. And they’ll find many adventures as time keeps unraveling. I will miss your humor, and just think of Ashley! From today’s Cockatrice to Reinhardt’s first bashing. On to another day, as this one will pass… You may be a diamond, but I’ll always kick […]

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There’s light at the end of this tunnel, but there’s more than darkness behind, gravity takes water through funnels, and can neither reverse nor rewind. Vortices, whirlwinds, galaxies — where sometimes the stars align — have us commit the fallacy that’s intellectually asinine. We who place faith in reason, coveting the scientific mind, will forget […]

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Chemical Eric

So let it be known, I already wrote a poem for this man. But I’m doing it again because I can. Chemistry is something of relationships, explosive connections, reactions and slips. Some of them are rather synthetic, and even borderline pathetic… but Eric Patridge is noble and real, shiny as gold, but solid as steel. […]

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Kathy the Nanny

My memories of Kathy are some I first formed. A love that has persisted decades later. And like with my childhood tantrums and storms. She is still there to help my behavior. Whether I’m feeling happy and hilarious, or sad, dreary, and dismal. She’s a phone call away to obliterate the abysmal. On my brother’s wedding, […]

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Joy Boy Kiernan

Joe Boy Kiernan, I actually remember when you were small, but suddenly one summer you were big and tall. Your name is now somewhat of a misnomer since you’re ridiculously jacked. I assume your abs are supporting something like a 16-pack. A while ago the bad boys used to push you around, toss you in […]

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