MrsCyberPunk is a hell of a lady and more than anything else she just wants a baby. But her husband is always debating with her, MrCyberPunk just refuses to impregnate her. But in the mean time, now, she’s finishing school, doing the things: intelligent and cool. And although I might be a “huge fucking nerd”, this […]

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Co-worker Walking

You’ve done it now, Rion; You over-achiever. I’ll exhale a sigh, and… now I’m a believer. I often seek your advice because you know how to talk the talk. Finally it will be quite nice to see you know how to walk the walk. You’ve always been sly like the fox, so I always listen […]

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Clean the Dishes

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And some of my dishes are faded and old. I have metal… without silver spoons, so don’t tarnish me with your rusted gloom… “clean” is a word overly exploited, a little bit of dirt can’t be avoided. How you treat a mess is a reflection on your health, […]

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Magic, the Gathering!

A party is happening, my friends are all there! So I left to play Magic, the Gathering! 17 super models approached me in nothing but their underwear… “MOVE!” I need to play Magic, the Gathering! I was super hungry, and needed to eat… Forgot about food when I played Magic, the Gathering! My apartment’s so cold, […]

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