Co-worker Walking

You’ve done it now, Rion;

You over-achiever.

I’ll exhale a sigh, and…

now I’m a believer.

I often seek your advice

because you know how to talk the talk.

Finally it will be quite nice

to see you know how to walk the walk.

You’ve always been sly like the fox,

so I always listen to what you say.

Your advice is like music; it totally rocks –

and brings happy smiles to weary days.

We’ll be together: after-hours and lunchtime,

whether Splunking through caves or VPPs…

climbing through difficult crunch-time,

and undoubtedly you’ll save me.

So today is another leg of the journey;

a stepping stone, you’re the rock;

a solid base without any worry.

Take a ride, enjoy the walk.

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