The more data I consume, the hungrier I get. And despite feeling full, my appetite’s whet. Processing, peeling, layered bananas. The never-ending story I cannot abandon. And what I now know, I’ll never forget. In a sea of ignorance: a tinge of regret. Is it right to give vision to the willfully blind? Placating their […]

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Splunkity Spelunk

Splunking’s like spelunking: but the exploration of data saved, we’ll bring light into the darkness like finding clues within a cave. We’ll start by guessing patterns in hypothetical directions, but shortly we’ll find truth with regular expressions. And when we figure out how to get the torches burning, knowledge will spread like fire in supervised […]

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Cat Nap

Gentle warmth breeze cascading, droopy eyelids rest pervading, humming this and ticking that — sounds surround around the cat — who purrs in rhythm at your feet and lulls you through delightful sleep.

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Happy Birthday Charlie

We wrestled, we tussled, we exerted our muscles as we pinned and grinned while we played. We snorted and laughed, we farted the bath and basked in the trouble we made. Risk and Smash, the kite we crashed, fun filled all of our days. Our memories mix lusciously rich as I backwardly glance my gaze.

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