If you say “I” when you should say “me” you should just speak colloquially. When concerning yourself with “whom it may concern”, you might guess “who” and appear unlearned. When approaching a comma or contraction, just write like it’s a conversation. Express how you talk understanding what you hear: paragraphs parsed by periods here.

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Who am I?

I am but a part of the world around me. A mortal being with immortal parts. And although my actions sometimes astound thee, just realize my motives were clear from the start. And once you realize deeds define feelings which others perceive from your heart, you’ll appreciate clarity in contribution, because your solutions are art.

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Burning Out

When you look upon my tasks, your head might start to spin, and when you think you’re done at last, you’ll need to start again. All the blockers I’ve been facing have me against the wall, and while I try to climb this mountain, I’m setting up to fall. Queries queries queries, the data keeps […]

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Sometimes what we get isn’t what we deserve I will never forget how well you worked and served. There’s no need to fret. As I know you haven’t. It seems you lost a bet. Now I’m surely saddened. With troubles, you’re beset! Problems of a system… You stand tall and reset, like a program within […]

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