If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then how many of my treasures are another man’s trash? What’s neat to consider is the fallacy of value, an ascribed importance to material goods — and on what grounds, now, do you stand on based on what you once certainly understood? Do you appreciate all the […]

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Why question questions?

What’s it to you? Whatever I am? What should I do? Who gives a damn? Who even cares? Who’s really honest? How could you dare? How do you attest? How do you feel? Where would I go? Where do you “deal”? Where will we show? When will we perform? When: if together? When will we […]

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Remote Control User

Someday I’ll watch Rick and Morty, as well as many others: Futurama, Bob’s Burgers and The Venture Brothers – but those ‘someday shows’ won’t all be animated, a plethora of creative content people cultivated: I really liked this episode I saw about dealing crystal meth, yet despite how good they may be or are, TV […]

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Read Out Loud

No matter how much I do in any given day, it just doesn’t feel like enough… because no matter how hard it may be to do, I know it could be even more tough. So I look introspectively at what I have learned, wrought, and wholly gained, and in these reflective moments take pause at […]

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