From my myriad indiscretions to staunch misconceptions – you’ve always told me to my face ways to put me in my place. Your words had me reprimanded – though consistently they landed seedlings in my forest of thoughts: neither outgrown nor wasted as something but for naught. Because your wisdom comes from a position I’ll […]

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There are two differences between rich and poor thievery, the latter’s desperation while the former’s done legally.

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Smurf Boating Sun Burn

I was a blueberry, but now am a grape, the sun burned my skin, it wasn’t great. I’m addicted to light, you can see it’s a problem… ultraviolet rays, I can’t seem to stop ‘em… There’s spf for this, and spf for that, but I didn’t remember in that chair where I sat. The breeze […]

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