Katastrophe calls – serenading joy; a happy gamer girl greets this happy gamer boy, our fantasies played by these view models, I light up the bowl as I down all these bottles.

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Don’t Read into it

“a man who reads lives a thousand men’s stories, whereas a man who doesn’t gets but one” And that makes me pause and wonder who gets whom’s wisdom from? See a man who actually learns from experiences is practicing the sciences, where it might sometimes be tempting to just rely on your appliances that other […]

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In all the dreams eclipsing my thoughts consistently twisted and tangled in knots, I fall to weary wandering whims; persistent pastimes held within a trance to behold in a stance to stare at lovely conceptions under where I wear assortments of hats – do you know this? Did you find that? How pleasant it feels […]

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Light or Night?

Big fat words for egotistical drivers, impetuous impetuses for forthright connivers; what I detest is greed and status, righteous patrons purport they have this sense of common perpetual delight, where they don’t really know light from night. And I see it’s me I’m talking about. I’m the one inserted in the middle, but there is […]

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Normal People

Some peers are pleasant, many drained, those who try  must be insane. Let’s judge them, we, the normal people, just like good opposes evil. So it’s time to get up and start figuring out how to do just that! Not only type rhymes but go beyond quack quack.

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Witch is Which

It started as an unpleasant itch, grew into a tiny twitch that she wished would go away, *sigh* but there aren’t any fairies left today. The tremors shook, the fevors grew, no one knew what to do: fetid boils burst upon her; gangrene goo sapped her color draining life milk to gaul; power with purpose, […]

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