Bubble Scotch

“Yo Pappa Droppa Happy Hippy Holla Knowledge of th’ Blasta Wizz!” Gums R Droppin. Bubble up! Don’t blow long or Pop! Pop! Pop! Chew it up bite it down! Blow your bubble big ‘n roun’. Pink is pretty so DONT POP IT! Know when ta blow and wenda stoppit. Take it down ‘n v-ball bop […]

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Higher Grounds

Pass the glory tip the cup empty the spoils sippity sup – take a taste, grasp a pull, start feeling oh so wonderful! Walk on water on top glass walk on mermaids molding bass Go boldly naked, go bare-ass – – wave off your useless underwear. Breathe in goodness toss off breath Take purpose, make […]

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Tick tocks swing; Oops a daisy! Yellow flower’s really crazy. Yell up keep up start the phase fill the moments of ur daze dream on in ‘n coaxing by tax a rip up way up high feel the clouds roll brush your hair re-weave old rhymes in rhythmic pairs. Elevations melted minds layered genius unwinds […]

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