Fly Sideways

What you hear flows in the wind blows spin on in close bend your elbows point to your nose spend less on clothes lift your right foot lift your left foot circle reason that’s your last foot now you’re flyin’ or been lyin’ on th’ side ‘uh my blue sofa scoot on ova antisocial bend […]

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Bristling thistles poke my toenails Bumble bees butterflies buzz lap light trails gently perfume honey-dust sprinkles. Ding ding ring Tink’s pull-string bell gold dust flys up the wishin’ well. Time to fly slide ‘n glide take the air for a ‘lil ride. No carpet needed for this ride. ~I can show you the world, silly […]

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“Mister, I know you miss her” She whispered crystals in my ear. “Cancer never stood a chance, sir.” Every word I could barely hear. “Just know you must show that this is your flow, this is your show. Wonder. Outlast. Now Believe. You control how you conceive. Atomic fission fusion blasts eternal creation outlasts greatness […]

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More Honey Please

Note to reader: 115 BPM, * is a breath What’s this buzzing in my head? Another poem to be read? More honey please if it flows with ease how can I help but not to feed these flowers sunshine money freed sensations past life ‘n self * a frozen image wrapped in text diversified with […]

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OD Cola

Note to reader: 85 BPM, * is short-breath, ** is long breath, “*haw*” indicates a dramatic inhale, intentionally misspelled words are meant to be read slightly differently than normal spelling – like vahhmit instead of vomit. Sudden stimulation cane-beats pumping through my veins in sugary sensations slamming heart beat palpitations: continued situations bounce-ride hyper ventilation make […]

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Mr. Emptyman

Take this chance and make it happen. If it doesn’t happen, I won’t make it. * Look at all the smooth-dressed men who pretend all day ‘n fake it.* Their hair is perfect, their wives all shine. Their kids cheat ‘n cut me in line. Sunday’s for church with evening cocktails but weeknights work spent […]

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*Repost with Audio* BubbleScotch

I recite BubbleScotch (Google Drive Link) “Yo Pappa Droppa Happy Hippy Holla Knowledge of th’ Blasta Wizz!” Gums R Droppin. Bubble up! Don’t blow long or Pop! Pop! Pop! Chew it up bite it down! Blow your bubble big ‘n roun’. Pink is pretty so DONT POP IT! Know when ta blow and wenda stoppit. […]

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Snacks Set

I got pistachios cashews goldfish cheezits cheetos rice crispies jolly ranchers ‘n ritz. AC breesy flat screen tv. I got beer here all day founder’s ipa, dale’s pale ale for the sunset greys of blues ‘n browns in orange mounds topped nimbus clouds’ reddish crowns. Let your mood sway with the river moonlit tidal travels […]

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Wry Eyes

Ask me why I’m wryly wise spreadin rye like Patty Mayonnaise, I dug somethin funny trackin treasures sniffin bunnies just for leisure. Which witch is best, sour pests? Would you hold on cuppin breasts? Milk on out somethin tasteful lick the plate so disdainful mix together tastelessness dirty birdies eggless nests scramble forth make a […]

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