Captain Dodger

Captain Dodger’s Jolly Roger hung out swung out on the boom of the Lune – a hidden ship of certain doom… it dropped from the clouds’ invisible moonlight shrouded; bow to stern, starboard to port; flutes sang out followed by drums

bum ba dum badum baddum

Merchants below knew the ballad of breath /sweet smile kisses snuck icicle death – her sword was cast from pure cold: frigid, rigid, aged and old./

Tonight the crew would do some looting – steal spicy barrels like cinnamon brandy. This ship had salt and sugar, ten kinds of tea, silver, gold, and platinum bounty. Oh man let’s get kabooming! It’s gonna be tha bomb! It’ll be dynamite! Powder kegs and whiskey kegs tapped ready for the fight!

Their fright is something to forever savor

(lick lips)

the creme de la creme of acquired flavors. Nothing more suspenseful than men on a wreck, they might live, but uhh I wouldn’t bet. They say I’m cold-blooded, heartless and sad, they say that I’m evil, cruel wicked, and bad. They talk about me though and I don’t know who they are. I’m famous, I’m important, I’m a hot Hot STAR!

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