More Honey Please

Note to reader: 115 BPM, * is a breath

What’s this buzzing in my head? Another poem to be read? More honey please if it flows with ease how can I help but not to feed these flowers sunshine money freed sensations past life ‘n self * a frozen image wrapped in text diversified with pleasure sex * intermingled interspersed intercourse so complex wonder through this convolution feeding frenzy evolution * may your queen lay eggs of wisdom: generic truths of all kingdoms spike the poets’ simple senses: seek to birth * and condense this hive of knowledge interwebbed honey dripping milk it spreads. Cheers.

2 thoughts on “More Honey Please

  1. Hi Andrew, love “What’s this buzzing in my head?” Amazing how you can revive old, tired words into a new language that dazzles with insights & imagination! It feels like the inside of my brain is being tickled 🙂


    1. Thanks! If you look at the brains of artists in a flow state in an mri you see cognitive activity color the map, they tested this on freestyle rappers and jazz musicians. I am very much describing the physical feeling of creative tingles.


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