Alakazam, Tiramisu, Fun-dipped Butterfingers Skor Bars Too

Alakazam, tiramisu, fun-dipped butterfingers skor bars too, freeze the fire, burn the water, chemical concoction battery wire energy grows mass fuse in – spirit connect internet intellect wisioned wisdom melds dialects melt the walls of false-gained pride wax wane withershallow siphon wide break apart my certainty smash into parked certain glee. That much wealth is […]

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Welcome Rae

Welcome, Rae, to the sunshine, to the stars and the moon. Light your story with your spark – into nightfall into dark, write your tale, illuminate days, conceive thought in wondrous ways. My name is Andrew and I’m your uncle, I wish your friendship, trust, and heart. You shall receive mine in turn so listen […]

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Black beans iced coffee duck laid egg potato salad violet lemonade. Crispy tangy salty sweet all made from farms down the street. Clucking hens quacking ducks bills in beaks dough in bucks read each letter sound it out: headache riddle, what’s confusing? Feelings bounce conditioned choosing, it’s about to get good, it’s about to get […]

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Question What’s Fact

Give me love. Give me death. Give me connection from time spent. Give me wholeness. Give me well. Give me spirit. Show me hell; tell me how I can combat it. I’ll bat down bats ‘n bite th’ bullet. Feel me friend. Fight me foe. Disconnect what blows below. Let me soar and ward off […]

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Captain Dodger

Captain Dodger’s Jolly Roger hung out swung out on the boom of the Lune – a hidden ship of certain doom… it dropped from the clouds’ invisible moonlight shrouded; bow to stern, starboard to port; flutes sang out followed by drums bum ba dum badum baddum Merchants below knew the ballad of breath /sweet smile […]

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Game, Set, ______

I’m always sunny with a chance of rain a little bit cloudy in air real pain. Drip drip drop goes the rainbow funnel clip clip clop a unicorn tunnel blasts out beaming magic beasts, beasts like me a hairy splash fest. So feast your eyes on how I dress, pay attention to those decisions passed […]

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Not Shaken

Let’s stir it up on this high horse, no need for stirrups, my voice ain’t horse. Giddy up! Yaw! Yippy kai yay! Bring me the horizon of a golden day, walk the rainbow’s colored path ride alongside this wacky empath sing a song: Sing a Ring a Ding Ding! All together now: we’re gathering! What’s […]

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Since Cent Sense

I change this section dropping two cents, specifically quarters that’s 50 Cent, but I still go at it like twice that many, 100 percent pleasant pleasing and hairy – the testosterone flowing through my skin would fuel three triceratops but I’m way more horny and developed ~ history taught lessons from above, the sun burns […]

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