Communal Morality

Sometimes I just want to write for the feel of keys on my digits. When I breathe I feel Qi enter my spirit. When I drink beer it feels nice to let my mind wander. When I grind purple haze I wonder towards outer space. My favorite color is black because it’s the only one […]

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1 Minute Monologue

Hi, I’m Andrew, but I go by Tweakunique. I looove spreading smiles from cheek to cheek. Daylight moves us as morning passes we all get up off to our tasks with a new tomorrow dividing our time; imagine, would you? Less sorrow this time? That’s my dream and waking habit – follow the steps and […]

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A Home to Run

What more can I say about me than my surrounding friends and family? My love and care spread those who care open ears words you hear. When I backward glance my wayward eye its never any wonder why I behave the way I do it’s just how I learned through and through. My friends are […]

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Good Sense

A couple walking by today made me cry inside today. Their story told a life they craved; 4 weeks old – their daughter’s age. Once cradled now taken they’ve not forsaken their family duty. Mommy ‘n Daddy love you sweetie! Quality time is any time together like leaves dancing in breezy weather. We have so […]

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Water Farther

With every stroke gliding water thuh kayak goes farther. The passenger here is thuh captain as well delving a paddle quelling roll-swells. The sun set burned an orange horizon with ripples reflecting our moon on the rise in a path above islands to see with beaches ta crash. Listen to birds fish: ker-Splash! See a […]

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Improv Eyes

Once upon a time quite long ago I’d write poems for th’ friends I know showin’ affection in spoken word graspin’ connections from what we heard. Real friendships blossoming made it while fake ones demanded my spoken presence treatin’ my craft like some gimmicky trick. 5 years passed since those transgressions; honing affection seemed a […]

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