The Blanket wRap

In any given present exists presentation. Each minute moment close examination. Even though we’re odd we know we’re correct. Circumstantial mathematics: please solve for intellect. I’m the one who disagrees. Never a team player. I don’t say “please” to do as I please borrowing apologies for sorrow later. If I don’t seem animated, I’m busy […]

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The Onus is on Us

Dollars to donuts the onus is on us: music which calls us poets ‘n artists with beats you might dance to like movie sneak previews in visions they still use drug-like see through me seek peaceful clarity; torrential downpour… Grow up. Go earn more. Make up your mind. Wander this path for meaningless reasons rotating […]

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R U O K ?

I know nothing always lasts forever; we’re just two loose ends knotting drawn together. Some people’s presence projects a painful demonstration. Their everything is another something I’d avoid. Whereas our love bleeds torment ripped across our sullen void. I hurt to see you hurt; there’s fire in my veins. I wish to warm you by […]

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Sometimes I Wanna

Sometimes I wanna crunch. Sometimes I wanna break. Sometimes I wanna crack snap shatter shiver quiver call it quake. Sometimes I wanna stop. Sometimes I wanna break. Sometimes I wanna freeze fall fail feather fuck it fill it fake. Sometimes I wanna quit. Sometimes I wanna break. Sometimes I wanna sip say sorry sad my […]

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Questionable Marks

I’ve no doubt your grades were Aze; recording minutes, hours, days; silver spoons spilling milk woven born in golden silk. That web cool? Do you get regret? All you’ve seen you shan’t forget. Toys ‘n gadgets batting rats; fancy cars with jet black mattes. Big computer techno wiz highest tech in all the biz. Money […]

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Picture This

Picture this: why use words? Why bother with intonation on your verbs? Who cares if you hear me? Who cares if you don’t? Whether we’re wonderfully~wired? Tapped? Listen to US: we won’t. How come by you so many hoes land ‘n vegetation? There’s definite reason in explanation. You’ll soon certainly surely see. Take in the […]

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Fall’s End (textual rework)

Wondering Wind whispers: “Loose leaves leave” Green’s agreeable. Yellow worries. Red’s resolute. Branches bend breezes braided weave graciously guide Green’s circular route. Yellow considers Red with consternation. Stout. Strong. Standing stably. Glimpses Green with contemplation. Gorgeous. Gliding. Flying abley. Detached friends invigorate Red’s ardor, Yellow/Green’s feeble stems broken. Gusting Winds now blowing harder, cracking, creaking, […]

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The Lonely Throne

How is it Bruce? The Lonely Throne? More money than God but all alone. You usually touch with your knuckles’ tips… that blood? Or rust – in your scarred up rips? Tell me, do you make mistakes beating men into submission? Are you something other than a mask on a human?

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These messages started appearing on my white board: Is the power to do the decision to act? Or is your brain just a chemical you can’t hold back? I know you realize your violence is cathartic. And my echoing words are wholly a part of it. Because you people hear with echo location when the […]

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