These messages started appearing on my white board:

Is the power to do the decision to act? Or is your brain just a chemical you can’t hold back? I know you realize your violence is cathartic. And my echoing words are wholly a part of it. Because you people hear with echo location when the clock strikes midnight your plan’s in formation. If you think you want to know me – hold me in a sense ‘uh empathy. Think Greener, think meaner, calm yourself relax ‘n read more. I’m as old as time where conception receives ya. I’m curiosity wrapped in a lonely idea. Call me Ned not Ed Nigma. My face is unmasked for the public eye, yours concealed as the “Ultimate Justice Guy.” You’re fear. You’re darkness. You’ll stop at nothing. Minds like mine mimic brightness where you walk wondering in the rain. So easy and self-righteous to deem me hollow ‘n insane. You’re not fear in the night, you’re fear of the night

look for another case, you’ll probably crack it. Excusez mon Francais… You’re clearly bat shit.

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