Billy Elliot

Sound-specific notation:– — >>>> pause lengths * >>>> asterisks define emphatic breaths, except for the dynamite ~ ~ >>>> tildes represent communal audience feeling Bold >>>> TweakUnique’s exclamations Italics >>>> TweakUnique’s wavering thoughts *—–[====] >>>> dynamite, next line, boom your voice slay-uh-mm >>>> pronounce sounds phonetically After a Billy Elliiot Play November 21st, 2019 had […]

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People, Peer at Paradise.

Serenity. Peace. Construction. Prosperity. Hold my hand. Look into my eyes. Feel reason beyond reason. Calm connection. Surprised? We don’t need this suffering. Freezer burn cold smothering. Space is pretty plentiful, starlight shining vacuums pull everyway everywhere everything exists out there. You will make it; we’ll build it together. Stand in rainy wind forever. Your […]

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Tickle lick click a bit elicit tick tock rhythm slit slither river frothy water gushing pouring rushing harder singing ringing pinging ponging dinging donging blossom bombing giant bells bing bang bonging underneath widows longing holding babies teething screaming whining wailing flailing railing squirming worming twisting pulling turning gnawing tearing chomping stomping bopping hopping popping pumping […]

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My grandfather was a clock my grandmother, a rock star. She fell deep in love with time; their marriage made my father. My grandmother ran charity, my grandfather wrote poetry; mixed ideas mixed together mixed my mother’s bravery. Polaris provided plentiful energy several suns starburst economy. Deep out there in outer space diversity sings coloring […]

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