My grandfather was a clock
my grandmother, a rock star.
She fell deep in love with time;
their marriage made my father.
My grandmother ran charity,
my grandfather wrote poetry;
mixed ideas mixed together mixed
my mother’s bravery.
Polaris provided plentiful energy
several suns starburst economy.
Deep out there in outer space diversity sings coloring race.
That peaceful planetary people share a global grace as equals.
Surplus pleased me joyful easy until a tugging pulled me earthly.
Shyno Bright twinkled signals;
My heart strum thumped spacetimey wrinkles.
Human love needs time to grow;
I knew it then – I had to go.
I slowed down a slow-mo zone
so slow space flew
out from under toe.
Other objects skiddled past
while I felt only seconds pass.
Millenia moved, eons elapsed;
Earth closed in moving fast.
~Break through powder icy snow~
I sped my time up to land below.
Bounding down around bouncy balls Beary’s teddys caught my fall.
I gave Sherwin’s elves the time
they use to make your gifts sublime.

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